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Slade Roberts is a modern artist based in Tulsa, OK, who specializes in abstract art, photography, and pet portraits. His work has been featured in movies, television, corporate and retail spaces. Slade is passionate about creating art that evokes emotions and tells stories. 


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My name is Slade Roberts, a modern artist based in Tulsa, Ok. Born in 1973, I grew up in Austin, Texas making my living in accounting before deciding to pursue art professionally. Leaving behind my corporate job, I dedicated myself full time to art. After creating a loyal following with my unique stylized pet portraits, I began to  move into my passion for contemporary art.   



Working from my Tulsa studio, I work in a variety of mediums including, acrylic paintings, photography, and digital artwork.  Though my work varies in subject and theme, the common thread is a Pop influenced contemporary graphic look.  The majority of my works are clean and minimal; incorporating linear elements, geometric shapes, and high contrast colors.  



Many pieces are titled using a play on words or with references to popular culture, Although I am very serious when creating, keeping a sense of humor along the way is important. Since trading in a briefcase for a paintbrush, my works and commissions are found in private collections across the US and internationally. 


  • Providence Village HOA Clubhouse | Providence Village, TX

  • Megan Hersman | Vet Office, Hampden, MA

  • Joelle Friedham | Miami Beach, FL

  • Chef Alena Pyles | Galveston, TX

  • Dr. Jonathan Reyes M.D. | Denton, TX

  • Linda Powell | WA

  • Randall Witte | Brady, TX

  • Laurie Brown-Gonzales | Austin, TX

  • Lawrence Taylor | San Francisco, CA

  • Warner Bros, Film “We’re the Millers”| Burbank, CA

  • NYLO South Dallas Hotel | Dallas,TX

  • Kincaid’s Classic American Dining | Oakland, CA 

  • Kincaid’s Classic American Dining | Phoenix, AZ

  • Mr. Rex Richmond | Lake Oswego, OR

  • Mr. Tyler Meservy | Long Beach, CA

  • ABC/Desperate Housewives | Universal City, CA

  • Mr. Matthew Weaver | Denton, TX

  • Ms. Regina Geisecke | Ballenger, TX

  • Mr. Adam Yetters | Austin, TX

  • Chef Stephan Pyles | Dallas, TX

  • Ms. Terri Satterwhite | San Angelo, TX

  • Ms. Mary Worley | Round Rock, TX

  • Ms. Jo Witte | Bryan, TX

  • Mrs, Pamela Folkman | Plano TX


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